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Patreon Benefit Preview - “The Good Stuff” Commentary Track

January 21, 2020

Recorded January 20, 2020

We interrupt our regular podcast to bring you this exclusive preview of the benefit that we will be offering to our patrons at the $3 and above level on Patreon beginning next month.  This audio file is a commentary track recorded by Dillon and myself to accompany a viewing of "The Good Stuff," a Lego Star Wars All-Stars short, available on Disney+, Disney XD, and on Youtube!  

There are directions in the audio on how to sync the track with the video.  If you know of a better way that we can direct viewers to sync up, please let me know!

If you enjoy this type of content, and would like a new commentary each month, then please consider supporting us over on our Patreon page!

Now back to our regularly scheduled podcast.


Lego Star Wars All-Stars: The Good Stuff (YouTube link)

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