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Much Ado About Frog Lady (The Mandalorian Chapter 10 Recap)

November 12, 2020

Recorded on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is two weeks in a row considered a streak?  Braden wasn't too excited about this week's chapter of The Baby Yoda Show (featuring a "Mandalorian"), so Ryan encourages him through a recap of Chapter 10, the appropriately named "The Passenger."  During the discussion, he put on his "science teacher" hat and educated Braden about the differences between frogs, newts, geckos, and salamanders while trying to figure out what, exactly, Frog Lady is; as well as the reason that the phrase "estuary moon" makes no sense, even for a Star Wars show!

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1:00 - Happy Birthday, Braden!

3:05 - Braden reveals that he felt this episode was boring, and sort of explains why.

7:00 - What did Dr Mandible get his PhD in?

8:10 - The Biology of Frog Lady - What, exactly, is she?

10:10 - What is an estuary moon?  No, seriously, I'm asking?

11:45 - In which I try to get Braden to talk about his feelings and empathize with Frog Lady.

16:40 - Braden summarizes the spider scenes

20:45 - Episode wrap-up, predictions for Chapter 11.

23:00 - Impromptu Lego Star Wars Holiday Special trailer reaction!



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