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Episode 28 - Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Books; Celebration Update; Listener Questions!

February 7, 2019

Recorded on Sunday, February 3, 2019

 Is it a mini-sode that ran long?  Is it a regular episode that ran short?  Well, it's both.  Ryan and Braden (and, for brief spurts of time, Dillon) start the show with a recap of the big week of Star Wars publishing news, focusing on the Galaxy's Edge tie-in books announced by Del Ray last week.  They then move on to updating the list of confirmed Celebration guests, and then wrap up the show by answering some listener questions!  

(And just to clarify, yes, Reese was injured during the recording of this podcast, but she is perfectly fine now!)

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Angelic Empyress

- Bart Smets




01:30 - An overview of the books announced that will tie-in to the new Galaxy's Edge park opening at Disney properties later this year.

06:50 - The previously-announced, unfortunately-named Alphabet Squadron gets an upgrade!

09:05 - Star Wars Celebration guest updates!

Listener Questions:

13:19 - Uncle Ryan (we think?) asks about droids and lightsabers.

15:27 - Dan from Wisconsin asks about the podcast stage at Celebration

18:32 - Liam from Children of the Force is curious what Braden thought about the Origami Yoda books.

19:56 - Anna from Children of the Force wants to know what we are looking forward to at Celebration.

21:06 - Patreon supporter Bart sent in a question about The Mandalorian.

23:08 - Al from Children of the Force asked a pair of questions that created chaos in the MMP household.



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