Me And My Padawan

Episode 27 - Star Wars Resistance Mid-Season Thoughts, Lord Momin, and Super Mario!

January 17, 2019

Recorded on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

(Apologies in advance for the Waluigi impression... Sometimes I can't help myself...)

Star Wars Resistance had its mid-season finale just before the holidays, and so Ryan and Braden sit down to discuss how their initial opinions (based on the first-look trailer way back in September) have changed afer 11 episodes of the series, then look ahead to the upcoming second half.  Before that, Ryan shares some new imformation that would seem to support his Anakin vs Vader theory for Episode IX, and highlights the latest round of guest announcements for Star Wars Celebration.  Braden wraps up the show by talking about Super Mario Bros!

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Angelic Empyress



01:30FOLLOW-UP - A recent episode of the @TatooineSons podcast added a new layer of support to Ryan's totally incorrect (but now slightly more plausible) Anakin vs Vader theory for Episode IX.

06:25 - CELEBRATION UPDATE - A quick run-down of the Star Wars voice actors added to the Celebration guest list.

07:40 - Ryan and Braden look back on the first half-season of Star Wars Resistance, and how their opinions have changed as the season went on.  

26:40 - A look at the Star Wars Resistance mid-season trailer has the boys pretty excited.

33:05 - Braden takes the lead to talk about some of the games in the Super Mario Nintendo franchise. 



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