Me And My Padawan

Episode 26 - Is Rey a Holocron? Vader on a Horse, 2019 Goals, and More!

January 2, 2019

Recorded on Sunday, December 30, 2018

In the final episode of Me and My Padawan for 2018, the boys look back on their favorite events and media from the year, before turning their attention to huge events coming in 2019.  In the world of Star Wars, they discuss the announcements of Thrawn: Treason, and Vader: Dark Visions, before Ryan shares a (totally wrong) theory about Rey that has slowly been evolving since 2016, leading into a (totally wrong) guess about what is going to happen in Episode IX.  They wrap this episode with a chat about their goals for 2019.

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Angelic Empyress



02:55 - A look back at 2018.

06:30 - Synopsis of Thrawn: Treason, which will add more to Director Krennic's backstory!

08:30 - A description of the cover to the Vader: Dark Visions comic series, aka "Vader On A Horse."

10:10 - Looking ahead to Episode IX, and some of the main guesses running wild on social media regarding what will happen during the movie, including time jumps, redemption stories, and, of course, #Reylo.

15:00 - Ryan shares his totally wrong theory that has slowly been evolving since The Force Awakens regarding Rey, and lays out the evidence supporting his claim that Rey is not a Skywalker, not a Kenobi, and not a nobody, but rather a living Jedi holocron.

34:35 - The MMP boys pay homage to You're Here By Accident by listing all of the movies and shows coming in 2019 for which they are excited.

37:10 - Ryan and Braden discuss their goals for 2019.



Week of 01/13 - TBD

Week of 01/27 - The Phantom Menace recap episode

More episodes of Younglings Unleashed starring Braden and Dillon are Coming Soon!



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