Me And My Padawan

Episode 25 - We’re Back, We’re Sorry! (Star Wars Celebration, Disney+, Pokemon X, and More!)

November 29, 2018

Recorded on Sunday, November 25, 2018

After yet another hiatus, Me and My Padawan is back, for good this time!  Well, at least until the next time something life-changing happens, anyways... This week, we talk about adjusting to life with a fifth human in the house, some of the recent announcements concerning Star Wars Celebration happenings, and the projects that have been either rumored or confirmed for the Disney+ service.  Braden then takes the lead and attempts to explain Pokemon X to his dad, who still, despite his best efforts to figure it out, has no idea what the appeal is...

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Angelic Empyress



01:00 - Braden and Ryan apologize for missing the past two months, and talk about life with a third Padawan in the MMP home office!

05:25 - Star Wars podcasts that have been announced to record on stage at Celebration.

07:05 - Del Ray Star Wars authors that have been announced for Celebration.

10:00 - The MMP boys discuss their Celebration celebrity wish-lists.

12:30 - An overview of the 12 series confirmed or rumored for the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service!

28:33 - Braden has been spending a lot of time playing Pokemon X lately, and devotes his segment to talking about his adventures.



Week of 12/09 - Star Wars Resistance, Board Game Roundup

Galaxy of Adventures Mini-sodes starring Braden and Dillon are Coming Soon!




As if you couldn't tell, we are not endorsed or affiliated with Disney, LucasFilm, Lego, Marvel, DC, or any other franchise or corporation that we discussed in this episode.  At least not yet?  All sound effects used in this episode are either public domain or the exclusive property of their respective copyright holders.

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