Me And My Padawan

Episode 09 - Solo Trailer, Canto Bight, TLJ Visual Dictionary, and Pokemon!

February 7, 2018

Me and My Padawan

Episode 09 - Solo Trailer, Canto Bight, TLJ Visual Dictionary, and Pokemon!

Recorded on Friday, February 2, 2018

Ryan and Braden are back, a week later than planned, and on top of the latest Star Wars news for a change!  In this, their 9th episode, they break physics and travel through time to discuss the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.  The episode continues with Ryan sharing his thoughts on Canto Bight, and then the pair take turns picking out interesting tidbits from The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary.  The conversation turns ugly with a chat about Pokemon, but picks up at the end when Dillon reveals the one part of Star Wars that he does enjoy.  We also talk about our plans for our 10th Episode Extravaganza!!!

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Episode Timeline

01:02 - 10th Episode Extravaganza Plans

05:35 - Solo Trailer

11:05 - Canto Bight Book Review

18:45 - Last Jedi Visual Dictionary

31:25 - Pokemon

46:50 - A Moment With Dillon

47:50 - What We Love This Week



Solo: A Star Wars Story - Full Teaser - (YouTube link)

Canto Bight (B&N Exclusive Edition) - (Barnes and Noble link)

The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary by Pablo Hidalgo - (Amazon link)

Atrisian Commonwealth (Legends) - (Wookieepedia)

Pokemon Visual Guide - (Amazon link)

Facebook Messenger Kids App

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - (Amazon link)



Week of 2/11 - 10th Episode Extravaganza!!! - Listener Q&A



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