Me And My Padawan

Episode 07 - Adventures in Wild Space with Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

January 4, 2018


Me and My Padawan

Episode 07 - Adventures in Wild Space with Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

Recorded on Monday, January 1, 2018

Mild The Last Jedi spoilers from about (6:00) to (12:45).

Happy New Year! 

Ryan and Braden braved the frigid temperatures of the Me and My Padawan home office to record the seventh episode of the podcast after a late night of New Year's celebrations!  They cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from New Year's resolutions, favorite Christmas gifts, and follow-up thoughts on The Last Jedi.  They then delve into a primer on the first 3 books of the Adventures in Wild Space series of junior novels, followed by Braden showing off what he's learned from reading The Lightning Thief.  As a special bonus, if you listen closely, you can actually hear your humble hosts shivering in the cold.

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Week of 1/15 - Stormtroopers and Power Rangers.

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