Me And My Padawan

Episode 04 - The Phantasmic Phasma and the Adequate Avengers!

November 22, 2017

Me and My Padawan

Episode 04 - The Phantasmic Phasma and the Adequate Avengers!

Recorded on Saturday, November 18, 2017


What was once unthinkable has finally become a reality, as Braden and Ryan return for a fourth episode of Me and My Padawan.  This week's episode begins with a discussion about birthday weekend at the MMP home office, which included a day trip to Rhode Island Comic Con and a photo op with General Veers.  Our Star Wars chat featured reactions to some exciting new Star Wars projects in the works, Captain Phasma's origin story, and answers to some (mostly sarcastic) listener mail.  We wrap up by revealing how little we know about Marvel with what might be the worst Avengers draft ever recorded.  But hey, at least we had fun, right?  Right?

Ryan and Braden met General Veers himself, Julian Glover, at Rhode Island ComicCon!

Ryan and Braden met Julian Glover (General Veers in Empire Strikes Back; Aragog in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) during the birthday weekend day-trip to Rhode Island Comic Con.

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Rhode Island Comic Con

Rian Johnson to Create All New Star Wars Trilogy - via

Phasma, by Delilah Dawson - Amazon link

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Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know - Amazon link

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